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The Defiant Blade

My splash illustration for Irelia's VGU - she is a beautiful, proud Ionian who has to defend and inspire her people in the face of Noxians who want to conquer her homeland. It was a major goal of the whole redesign to fully realize her graceful blade dancer fantasy.

I've worked on a few splashes and even more splash-polishings over the last couple years - this was one of the first times I think things really came together for me. I tried out some new processes and really tried to push myself on this one - especially how much balancing, detail and finish I could achieve myself. I also realized I've worked on a ton of Ionian champion splashes (the Karma update, Varus, and now her...). I'm a huge fan of this League region's style and shape language.

A million thank yous to the illustration team for support, feedback and paint overs.
Irelia (c) Riot Games 2018